Content Warnings!

Our games contain sexual content, and are intended strictly for adults only. Not only that, it is  imperative that you do not play it unless you are mature enough to  recognize that the sexist attitudes and demeaning behaviors displayed by  some characters in the game are neither normal nor acceptable in the  real word. All people deserve respect. Everyone deserves to be supported in defining themselves and choosing their own role in the world, free  from any external pressure. The only situation in which it’s ever okay  to dominate someone else is when they’ve requested and given their  consent for you to do so.

Consent in Trap Quest

We love kinky themes here, including playing around with reluctance, but it's important for us to make clear that in Trap Quest, all the characters in the game are actively and enthusiastically consenting to the activities that they experience - they are merely  competing to see who gets to be on top.

All characters, including the enemies, are able to utter a safe word at any time and abandon the game. And in fact, at times, they will do so, when they are no longer enjoying themselves. We hope that this narrative element helps reassure you that everyone is just playing along with the premise of a scary dungeoneering adventure, while being fully aware that they have their safe words and safety nets at the ready.

Am I Trans?

I have received many communications from trans people who are either transitioning or hoping/planning to transition, and people of non-binary genders, who use or have used Trap Quest as a coping mechanism. I've also heard that Trap Quest has been used by people to help their partners understand their desires and psychological perspective. It's always heartwarming to hear these stories, and it greatly motivates me in my work. Please do message me if Trap Quest has had a positive impact on you or someone you know.

If you aren't sure whether you are using porn in an unhealthy way to cover up something bigger, please consider reading this article and seeing if it reasonates with you here.

You've made stuff involving diapers? REALLY?!

Really. But if you've scanned this page and become concerned that this is something immoral or even illegal, please read this first before you make up your mind.

All the characters in the game are adults and the creators have made every attempt to make this clear throughout every interaction in the game - the player and other characters are all grown-ups participating in a submissive humiliation roleplay scenario which frequently involves degradation via taunting each other for acting like and/or looking like babies and/or animals.

When someone is dressed up like a pig, they're not actually a pig. It's just embarrassing to look, sound or act like a pig. The same is true for being dressed up like or being forced to use the toilet like a baby. The chosen vehicle for delivering that delicious humiliation punch is diapers because, well, there's nothing more humiliating than having your ability to use the toilet (a basic, private, embarrassing biological function) in a dignified manner restricted, changed or removed. And from there, it's only natural to expand on that feeling by also getting teased for looking, dressing or acting like a baby at the same time.

If there is something more humiliating than being reduced to a diaper-using baby, please convince us and we'll probably start writing fiction about that instead!

You might think that this is gross, and that's completely within your prerogative, in fact most of us would agree, and that's half of the point - a gross situation is normally an embarrassing one. But please please please understand that the sexual kick that these patrons are getting is from feeling humiliated, disempowered and submissive in the hands of another adult, and not from any inappropriate feelings towards actual minors. For obvious reasons, it's important that we're all on the same page there.