You know the games, now learn the names! Well, internet handles, anyway. We're not on a first name basis with you just yet.

    MGCaptain Lewd

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    MG, an American, was introduced to gender at an early age, not realising his fascination was merely precursor to a dark, twisted obsession. Unsatisfied with labeling only himself, MG sees genders as collections of tropes, rules, and expectations of others, which he sees fit to warp for his own sick amusement. MG had his first involvement with Trap Quest while studying Computer Programming in college, making "suggestions disguised as questions" on the TQ blog and adding information to the game's wiki (about half of it inaccurate.) Since then, MG has spent several years writing and coding for Trap Quest, and coding other things for Shame Games. MG's favorite tropes are gender bender, crossdressing, chastity, degradation, and impregnation. When not working, MG is trying to raise his rank in Teamfight Tactics, playing awful hentai games, playing good hentai games, or reading.

    WishberriGraphics Demon

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    Wishberri hails from the UK and has been in charge of art and graphic design for Shame Games since its early days. Berri's biggest kink is diaper stuff, but that's far from the only thing that turns this kinky artist on.

    CrazyPersonTittilated Techie

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    CrazyPerson hails from the internet and is terminally online. CrazyPerson sees gender not as a drop-down but as a bunch of sliders in an RPG character creator: If you don't want to use the boring presets, you're actually allowed to mix and match a bazillion pieces as they fit your personal preferences and priorities. With some formal uni education in Computer Science, and a decade of experience with an undisclosed large multinational internet corporation, CrazyPerson can make computers do just about anything - provided the ADHD shuts up long enough to actually get it done. CrazyPerson's favorite perversions are various tentacular and otherwise wildly unrealistic fabrications of japan that don't need to ask you what you want, and a particular fascination with sexy games and how the horny themes can be thoroughly interwoven as gameplay mechanics, rather than just being tacked on as "you beat the level, good boy, have a horny picture" bonuses. When gaming outside the hornysphere, CrazyPerson's style is best described as "hardcore casual": Spending far too much time and effort setting up and chasing down absurd goals, and hyperfocusing on something more than is reasonable, but avoiding the more "competitive" places where you can let others down, or need regular stable commitments, or have anger and frustration as prevailing emotions. Other than that, CrazyPerson reads various things across sci-fi/fantasy/comics, consumes unhealthy amounts of shitposts, and enjoys terrible puns far too much.

    AikaGoddess of Kink

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    Aika is British, born and bred. Born male, Aika considers gender "so last decade" and doesn't really find it a useful label for describing their personality or identity any more. After studying Computer Science at uni, Aika worked in InfoSec for a while until Trap Quest really took off at which point it became a full time project. Aika's favourite sex thing is butt stuff, and next up would be Domination/submission, embarrassment/humiliation, and gender bending. In any rare spare time, you can find Aika playing League of Legends, or attending boardgame conventions, or catching up on the last 10 years of TV and anime, and posting prequel memes on the Internet.